Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tapp - Something To Hate Mixtape

This is my mixtape titled Something To Hate, I engineered about 17 out of the 25 tracks peep it for free! Lemme know watchu think.

Quick Way to Hack Your PSP

So I have updated my PSP to 3.90 M33 already. It works kinda faster now. The installation process just only took me less than 5 minutes. So how did I do it? Well here you go. Another great tutorial for all PSP lovers out there.

The Requirements

Everybody must read this. This is very important. I don’t want any of you to brick your PSPs so please read this. Thank you.

  1. A PSP (Phat or Slim) with installed custom firmware 3.52 M33-4 or higher. My PSP had 3.80 M33-5 custom firmware.
  2. A USB Cable to connect your PSP to your computer
  3. 100% fully charged battery. This is just to be sure your PSP won’t turn off in the middle of the update. It’s also good if you have your PSP plugged into your AC Adaptor.

The Installation Guide

  1. Grab the 3.90 M33 installer pack and unzip it anywhere on your computer.
  2. Using the USB Cable, connect the PSP to your Computer then copy the UPDATE folder from your computer to your PSP in this directory: ms0:\PSP\GAME
  3. Disconnect your PSP from your computer then on your PSP XMB, go to GAME>Memory Stick then run the 3.90 M33 update. The update will verify your 3.90 eboot file and after verification you will be asked to execute the update. Execute it.
  4. Follow the instructions on the SCE updater. After the update, press X or O to manually reboot.
  5. Congratulations. You now have a 3.90 M33 Powered PSP.

If this isnt clear Youtube it or ask me.

The Break Up Movie skit LMAO

Had to bring this back who remember's this part??

Yucko The Clown

Everyone loves clowns right? Check out this guy who's far from one! This guy is hilarious he needs his own show! Here's a few clips

Joe Budden TV - Old Racist Guy

Incase you havent seen this, Joe Budden walks around with a camera on him 24/7 for fun and reality purposes. See what happens in this fast food restaraunt with an old racist "white" gentlemen lol.

Boogeyman of the WWE Ladies &

OK, this guy might be the most weirdest wrestler ever...but entertaining!

Xbox 180...?

Yea yea so sony has the PSP, nintendo has the DS, but Xbox? The "Xbox 180?" Not much info on it except for the quietly kept rumors about it being released in Japan...2 years ago! Wtf? lol if anyone has any more info on the hand held Xbox 180 or speaks Japanese for fun and has one, fill us in on it would ya!

Ah but there are more pics of it & other possibilities in the link, could be fake tho.

click the pic for more info and other pictures